The Super Church Lobby Kiosk 


This new guide will show you everything you need to know about creating a church lobby kiosk that works with your website.

You’ll learn how to configure a lobby kiosk that can facilitate every next step in your church. From giving, to event registration, taking message notes, ministry signups, prayer requests, and more – The Super Church Lobby Kiosk has it all.

Best of all…this strategy will lead to more next steps at your church every week for new visitors and church members alike.

But, first, a little history…

For decades, the church lobby has been the command post for churches to facilitate next steps:

  • Ready to join a small group? Sign up in the lobby

  • Want to learn more about the upcoming church picnic? Stop by the lobby

  • Need more information? Let’s all go to the lobby

And for many years, the focal point of the church lobby has been the church welcome desk.

The church welcome desk is a physical structure in the lobby – often accompanied by a volunteer – a place where a person in your church can take their next step and track down any information they may need.

Simply stated, the church lobby welcome desk has been a staple in churches for a long time.

But, you and I are living through the single biggest communication shift in the last 500 years.

Technology is evolving at an unprecedented pace. And I think it’s time for the welcome desk in the lobby to go through its own evolution.

How can you actually use this? 

Look, I’m not suggesting your church eliminate the welcome desk. Instead, I want to give the church welcome desk a makeover along with a number of improvements to help your church capture more next steps, while actually doing less administrative work.