Bringing Good-News to the local Church by providing solutions 4 everyday ministry needs.

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You shouldn't have to choose between printing this or that to fit into your ministry budget. helps your budget make a more significant impact with their low price guarantee. We guarantee you're getting the best price and the same top quality as big-box names.

310876_Faithson Printing 4 Chruch Logo_Option3_012319.png is a collection of podcasts and blogs from top influencers talking about best ministry practices for the Church. Download our app.

How can we serve your Church?

We offer solutions to help churches focus less on administrative tasks, and more on ministry. That makes sense right?

310876_Faithson Printing 4 Chruch Logo_Option2_012319.png is an all-inclusive online management system for Churches. The church isn't paying the pastor to update their website. However, 95% of pastors take time away from ministry to focus on this essential administrative task. This is a problem, and Faithson has a solution.

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You have three options when it comes to design in the Church world.

Clip Art from the 1990s, let's be honest even the children's minister knows this doesn't look good.

A one size fits all company, where you share the same graphic with 1,000+ other churches.

Bring an idea to the table and get it custom designed to meet your goals vision.

Until you couldn't afford option three, so instead of option 1, you settled for option 2. Don't settle.


You will often hear our team say: "#Here2Serve". Serving on staff at the local church is sometimes a handful. You are responsible for so much! Faithson Solutions is designed to help you better serve your local Church. Let us serve you as you minister to those in your community. Let us serve you by taking care of the important technology based tasks that often get put on the back burner. We have the experience and team that will free you up to focus on other ministry related tasks.

Set an appointment with Faithson and we will give you a FREE gift. 


Building a Lifelong Friendship.

We will be your co-laborer in ministry! We know all of our clients on a personal level. Building a friendship with our clients helps us better serve you and your Church. We are not afraid to drop by or mail out your favorite candy bar just because. We have a desire to equip and encourage you as you minister to those in your community. 

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We Give back

In addition to sponsoring leadership development networks such as Youth Ministry Lab and We have been known to offer scholarships for your children and Students to go to summer camp. At least 10% of all income goes back into the local Church. 

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Our Story

Faithson Solutions started offering Devotionals in 2009. From there Faithson Solutions grew into a resource for the body of Christ. We have a desire to equip Churches that better minister to their communities. Faithson means "Follower of Faith".

Faithson Solutions is based out of North Texas (Pottsboro, Texas) and we love to give jobs to bi-vocational ministry staff around the world. Empowering them to work from home and better serve their congregations. 

Faithson serves Churches and business that believe in the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We reserve the right to refuse services to any church or business that does not believe in salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. 

We are here to SERVE you. :)

Vice Presidents


Our leadership has a humble spirit that focus' on the big picture of the local Church. Our prayer is that  Faithson Solutions would operate in a way that honors the LORD, and impacts souls with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

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VP of Operations

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VP of Client Relations

Department Leads




Our dream team! You have a vision and our department leads will ensure that all of our staff are on the same page as we make your vision come to live! Often what you have in your mind is hard to put into words so we will help guide you. We will often make recommendations based on our experience but you are always in charge. We recommend and you decide.



Project Manager


Manager of Print and Communications



Ministry Consultant



Ministry Consultant

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